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Hi #1Moms and #1Dads, as your #1Ally, NIDO 3+ is here to guide you in raising confident toddlers. Curious about growth milestones, learning styles, or the most important nutrients needed during the 3+ toddler years?  Get expert parenting tips, recipes, activities, and learn about your toddler's Protection, Nutrition, Education and many more! Read our articles, watch how-to videos, listen to podcasts, and download FREE recipes and activities below

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Discover our ExperTips on 3+ toddlerhood.


Learn about the right nutrition for your toddler to help support his immunity, growth and development. Find out the most important nutrients needed during the 3+ toddler years and get tips on how parents can cut back on their kids' sugar intake.


Wondering if your kid is pre-school ready or which learning style is best suited for him? Your child's education is a very important part of his development. Get expert tips and tools to support your toddler or preschooler's education journey

Social Development

Is your child throwing tantrums or finding it hard to socialize with other kids? Learn about social development for toddlers and get parenting tips on how to handle toddler tantrums and make sure your child grows up with the right values. 

Growth Milestones

Curious about your toddler's growth milestones and if he's on the right track? Learn more about the different stages of your toddler's growth and development and how to raise an independent and confident child! 

Total Expert Protection

Is your child a Picky eater? Want to know how to boost his Immunity? Get tips on how to strengthen your toddler's barriers of Protection and understand how the right nutrition and nutrients from NIDO® 3+ help support your child's immunity!

Recipes and Activities

Download FREE recipes for your toddler's snack time. Learn how to make healthy and nutritious versions of toddler favorites such as Pastillas, Polvoron, Crinkles, and more! 

Also get FREE activity booklets on topics such as boosting your child's immunity, homeschooling and online learning tips, and many more!

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