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ParenTeam and Barangay Nestle Rewards have joined forces to create a unique and rewarding experience for parents like you. As a valued member of ParenTeam, you can look forward to a range of exclusive benefits that will enhance your parenting journey.

1. Parents have access to special perks which may include discounts on Nestle & Wyeth products, priority access to new releases, personalized offers, and much more. We want to make sure that you feel appreciated and supported as you navigate the joys and challenges of parenting.

2. Members can earn points and redeem rewards when purchasing Nestle & Wyeth products in our partner stores.

3. Members will also have the opportunity to participate in exciting promotions. These promotions may involve bonus points, contests, giveaways, and interactive activities that allow you to win amazing prizes for you and your family. It's our way of adding a touch of excitement to your parenting experience and celebrating the milestones you achieve along the way.

We want to make sure that being a part of ParenTeam brings you moments of joy and anticipation as we strive to make your parenting journey even more rewarding.


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