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10 Practical Tips for Dealing with Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is one of the hardest parts of pregnancy. If you want to know how to survive this phase, read on!

5 mins to read Sep 15, 2023

Ang pagsusuka, paghihilo sa umaga o tinatawag na "morning sickness" ay maaring magdulot ng paghihirap sa pagbubuntis. Ngunit, may mga paraan upang gumaan at malampasan ang yugtong ito, mag sign-up at alamin ang mga tips!

I love being pregnant!  At nagpapasalamat ako na dalawang beses kong naranasan ang pagbubuntis. But undoubtedly, ang pinakamahirap sa aking pagbubuntis ay ang morning sickness. 

Although the experience of morning sickness ay iba sa bawat ina, karaniwan itong nagsisimula sa sixth week ng pagbubuntis at nawawala pagdating sa twelfth week. It can also last all day – at iyan ang nangyari sa akin. Back then, ang tanging gusto kong gawin ay humiga sa kama at matulog. Gusto kong kumain, pero palagi akong nasusuka pagkatapos.

Kaya paano nga ba ako nakalampas sa morning sickness?  Narito ang ilang mga tips na nakatulong sa akin:  

Eat smaller, more frequent meals
Skipping meals – and an empty stomach – can actually make morning sickness worse.  Take smaller but more frequent meals, na mas madaling matunaw at less likely to trigger queasiness and heartburn. I always had whole-grain crackers o mga nuts na kinakain every merienda.

Stay hydrated 
Maaaring mahirap uminom ng eight glasses of water kada araw when you feel queasy, but you need the fluids, lalo na sa panahon ng pagbubuntis. Dehydration can also aggravate the nausea,  and you lose body fluid when you throw up.  Tip: suck on ice cubes na gawa sa tubig o fruit juice.

Use aromatherapy 
Strong odors can make you feel nauseous. Kung hindi mo ma-iwasan ang malakas na amoy,  place a cotton ball infused with aromatherapy oil,  tulad ng mint, lemon, o orange, and sniff for relief.  

Get plenty of sleep
Morning sickness can leave you feeling very weak.  Kailangan ng katawan mo ng enough na pahinga! Luckily, I worked from home during my second pregnancy at may mas maluwag na oras para sa pagtulog. If you work in an office setting, kahit isang maikling 20-minute power nap at your desk or in your favorite chair can work wonders for your mental at physical well-being.

Take your prenatal vitamins and milk before bedtime 
In my experience, mas kaunti ang nararamdaman kong pagka-iritado sa gabi, so it was the best time for me to take my vitamins and glass of milk to avoid throwing it up. Try taking your vitamins and milk bago matulog, o any time of the day na you feel the least nauseous.    

Try lemon  
Many women find the smell and taste of lemons comforting. Ang amoy ng isang lemon may help to ease your nausea.  You can also add lemon slices to iced tea o sparkling water at take sips when you can.  If you can’t always have fresh lemons, carry with you some lemon-flavored candy.    

Include anti-nausea foods in your diet
A pregnancy diet that is high in protein and complex carbohydrates ay hindi lamang maganda para sa iyong baby but can also help you keep nausea at bay. Simple, high-protein foods tulad ng mga nuts at eggs were easier for me to tolerate.  Eat at least three whole fruits and vegetables per day, at iwasan ang mga fatty at maanghang na pagkain at caffeine, which increases the chance of the release of stomach acid.  

Talk to your doctor about medicines  
Thankfully, my all-day sickness was tolerable at nabawasan during my second trimester. However, if your morning sickness is severe, or if you think you're dealing with a more extreme form of morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum), kumonsulta sa iyong doctor about taking an FDA-approved prescription drug.

Listen to your body 
Morning sickness remedies differ for each individual. What works for one woman may end up having the opposite effect on another. Listen to your body, at tandaan ang anumang pagkain, amoy, o liquids that trigger vomiting.    

Talk to friends who understand 
Minsan, it helps just to share how you're feeling with close friends o family who can offer sympathy and support.  I am very grateful that I had an understanding husband and in-laws, pati na rin mga grupo ng mga mommy friends who went through morning sickness at nagbigay sa akin ng mga payo at tips.

Look at the bright side  
The good news is morning sickness, although unpleasant, has no health risk for the baby at ito ay isang normal na part ng pagbubuntis. Some studies also say that morning sickness plays a role in early placental development,  at maaaring makatulong to lower risk of miscarriage. And remember this mantra each time you vomit: "This too will pass." After going through a lot, your efforts will be rewarded once you see your bundle of joy. Lahat ito will be worth it once your baby is in your arms!



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