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PLAYING: Your baby and you at 28 Weeks Pregnant

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Your baby and you at 28 Weeks Pregnant

Your precious darling now weighs about 1.2 kilos, about a third of the average birth weight. Those teeny-tiny feet - the toes of which you'll love to nibble on later on - measure just over 2 inches long. Learn more about your baby's development at 28 weeks pregnant.

3 mins to read May 17, 2018


Though still filled with amniotic fluid, your baby’s lungs are getting more and more ready to breathe outside air! Amniotic fluid is the fluid your baby develops in, and at around this time, it starts producing a substance that the lungs need in order to function and take in air properly. Your little one is also learning to maintain a normal body temperature, which is crucial in order to be able to adjust to the change in temp from your warm womb to the outside world.



Do you sometimes feel a tightening in your back or a hardening of the belly? You may be experiencing what’s known as Braxton Hicks contractions. Don’t let the technical-sounding name worry you, it just means your uterus is practicing a little for the birth. If you’ve been feeling a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions lately, it may be a sign that you’re doing too much! Make sure to take frequent breaks during the day and avoid carrying anything heavy.

If the contractions don’t stop or get even stronger, it’s best to consult with your doctor just so you know that everything’s okay.



The little life inside of you may grow up to be a foodie! That’s because with every bite you eat, you’re prepping baby to enjoy future meals. Along with pleasure hormones, the flavors of what you eat can be carried through the amniotic fluid and onto your baby’s developing taste buds. After birth, your infant will remember these tastes. Be sure to continue eating a diverse diet while breastfeeding so that your child is exposed to different flavors early on.



Worried that your baby will be born earlier than expected? Those fears are perfectly normal. Take comfort that if your baby does decide to make an early appearance at around this time, there’s a good chance that those tiny lungs will be able to breathe independently. So don’t stress out about it. Focus on positive thoughts – and indulgences – so you can stay relaxed all throughout your pregnancy!


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