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Moving Up at 12 Weeks Pregnant

Now 12 weeks pregnant, you're coming to the end of your first trimester. Congratulations! Learn more about your baby's development at 12 weeks pregnant.

3 mins to read May 21, 2018


As your first trimester is coming to a close, your baby is now fully formed, though still continuing to grow.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to catch sight of that precious face during your next ultrasound!

With the sex organs now well developed, that same ultrasound may also be able to detect your baby’s gender. If you want it to remain a surprise - even to yourself, make sure your doctor knows. 



Good news – the end of the first trimester is around the time when mommies-to-be are suddenly free from morning sickness. What a relief!

What’s more, if you’ve been looking forward to feeling your baby move, this usually happens around the 4th month of your pregnancy. Don’t worry, though, if it doesn’t happen immediately, especially if you’re a first-time mom. It’s possible that you’re just not familiar with what it feels like. Don’t expect a huge earth-shaking sensation – it’ll feel more like light, butterfly-wings flapping inside you. When you do feel it, you can rub your belly to say hello right back!



There are 8 kinds of B Vitamins – what’s known as Vitamin B Complex, and by helping the body convert food into energy, they’re all essential to your baby’s healthy development. It’s important that your daily diet contains enough of these vitamins, because B vitamins are water-soluble and can’t be stored by the body.

Of particular importance throughout your entire pregnancy are vitamin B12 and vitamin B9 (also known as folic acid). Taken together, doctors believe that these two vitamins may help prevent birth defects such as spina bifida, a disorder of the spine that could lead to paralysis or mental deficiencies.

Folic acid can be found in green, leafy vegetables, as well as enriched cereals and juices. While the other B vitamins - which are also crucial for your baby’s brain development – can be found in a variety of foods such as milk, grains, beef, fish, veggies, and legumes.

Talk to your doctor to be sure that you’re including all the right kinds of foods in your diet.



A lot of women wonder what can happen if they get sick while pregnant. A mild cold or an upset stomach usually has no effect on an unborn child. But be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any medication – many types are no longer suitable for pregnant women – so it’s never wise to choose on your own.

If you develop a fever or any other symptoms of the flu, see your doctor immediately. Only your doctor will be able to prescribe treatments that are safe for you and your baby.


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