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PLAYING: What Makes L.comfortis the Best Friend of your Child's Tummy?

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What Makes L.comfortis the Best Friend of your Child's Tummy?

Let's learn more about the importance of L.comfortis for your child's tummy health!

2 mins to read Aug 15, 2016

L.comfortis belongs to the Lactobacilli family of probiotic bacteria. Its scientific name is L.reuteri. It is naturally found in the tummy of healthy children. L.comfortis stays alive as it travels along the long and winding roads of the tummy where there are harsh acids and enzymes that break down food into usable components by the body.

L.comfortis’  “live” presence in the tummy contributes to a stronger presence of good bacteria in the tummy. When good bacteria outnumber bad bacteria in the tummy, a child is less susceptible to infections that can cause tummy discomfort.

Research shows that children can very well benefit from an intake of L.comfortis. It has been proven to reduce crying time of children with colic.  It also helps increase the frequency of bowel movement among children suffering from constipation.

Drinking milk with L.comfortis everyday is one way to put a smile in your child's tummy  Whether doing chores or playing outdoors, a child beams with happiness with a strong tummy!


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