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PLAYING: Tummy Health: Probiotics vs Prebiotics

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Tummy Health: Probiotics vs Prebiotics

A strong tummy or gut is key to our overall health and well-being. 

2 mins to read Aug 15, 2016

The tummy or gut ay hindi lamang isang organ for the digestion and absorption of nutrients our body needs, it is also our powerful defense system. It houses 80% of our body’s antibody producing cells that fight against harmful bacteria and viruses that can make us sick.

This is why nowadays the use of functional ingredients like probiotics and prebiotics to promote and strengthen tummy health is popular. Pero, how exactly do probiotics and prebiotics help our powerful and hardworking tummy?

Probiotics are live good bacteria which when we consume in adequate amounts as part of food, provide a specific health benefit. Probiotics are often found in food products like milk, yogurt and soft cheeses.  Each strain of probiotic bacteria provides a specific health benefit which may not necessarily be provided by other strains even if they belong to same family or genus of lactobacilli. For example, L.reuteri also known as L.comfortis is the strain proven to help reduce crying time due to colic among children. It is also the strain shown to promote increased frequency of bowel movements among children suffering from constipation.

How about prebiotics? How are they beneficial for tummy health? Prebiotics are fibers which we cannot digest but are used as food by good bacteria living in our tummy or gut. Some sources of prebiotics are bananas, legumes, oatmeal and asparagus. As fiber, prebiotics can also add bulk to the stools and help promote regular bowel movement.

Consuming food products with probiotics or prebiotics is a good eating habit that can go a long way to keep our tummies strong. 

And for your child, drinking milk with probiotic L.comfortis every day is a good way to start the daily habit to a strong tummy, the key to overall health and well-being!


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