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PLAYING: Say hello to your 3rd Trimester at 27 Weeks Pregnant

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Say hello to your 3rd Trimester at 27 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to your third trimester! Just three months to go before you say hello to your little one. But before you do, there are still so many exciting developments to look forward to. Read on to find out what changes to expect when you're 27 weeks pregnant.

3 mins to read May 17, 2018


Your baby’s now big enough to fit the length between your hand and the crook of your elbow, and even more changes are happening inside that precious body. The respiratory system, for one, is developing quite nicely. The tiny lungs just need a bit more maturing before they’ll be able to breathe on their own. In the meantime, expect to feel small rhythmic movements coming from your belly every now and then. Those are your baby’s cute little hiccups! Don’t worry, they’re painless and perfectly normal. Learn more about your body development at 27 weeks pregnant.



Do you realize that it’s been 29 weeks since your last menstrual cycle? Feels like a nice break, doesn’t it? Equally amazing is the thought that your uterus has now expanded to the size of a basketball. Unfortunately, you may see and feel swelling in other areas as well, particularly in your hands and feet. This swelling – also known as edema – happens when the increased blood flow in your body causes fluid to build up in your tissues. Not to worry, this is just one of the many pregnancy symptoms that are perfectly normal and temporary. However, if the swelling is excessive, it may be a sign of preeclampsia – a pregnancy complication associated with high blood pressure – so it’s best and safest to consult with your doctor.



Having a hard time sleeping well? You’re not alone. A lot of women face the same issue during their pregnancy. If you’re suffering from reflux or heartburn, feel free to add a pillow under your head or go to sleep sitting practically upright. Nutrition-wise, you can also eat lighter meals in the evening so you’re not going to bed on a really full stomach. If you get hungry later on, you can always calm your tummy with some yogurt, a piece of non-acidic fruit (think apples and bananas), or a slice of whole grain bread flavored with your favourite jam.



Whether you’re an experienced mom or are pregnant for the first time, it’s always a good idea to take classes that prepare you for childbirth. Researchers are constantly discovering new information that can help you during your pregnancy. Childbirth classes will help you understand the changes that happen to your body during labor and delivery. Plus, you’ll be learning some good relaxation techniques that may help soothe your anxiety on the big day. The more you know, the more equipped you’ll be to face whatever comes your way!


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