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Stay Ahead of the Pack: The Best Approach in Developing Your Kid’s Brain

Learn how healthy interactions, combined with the best milk for faster brain connections, can help your kid.

3 mins to read Aug 9, 2023

As moms, we have an active role in our kid's experiences and development. Learn the right approaches.

A kid’s brain develops rapidly in the first five years. Their brains are hypersensitive to learning, like a sponge, absorbing anything they see and hear. Make the most of these years and stay on top of your kid’s needs so they’ll develop a sharp mind and be ahead in their adult years. What are some ways that you can do to help your growing kid?

A safe and healthy environment combined with advanced brain nutrition is known to support kids in reaching their full potential. With these, you help raise a fast-thinking, problem-solving kid who is a leader among his peers.

The Right Nutrition for Healthy Brain Connections

To help give your preschooler the optimal nutrition they need, give them PROMIL GOLD®. It is our most advanced formulation* with breakthrough α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids) to fuel your kid’s brain development and help them think fast. Along with this, having a healthy and interactive relationship with your kid is very important to secure them and give them the confidence to explore their capabilities.

A Simple Method That Fosters Learning, Independence, and Fast-Thinking

Developing your kid’s brain might not be as hard as you think. There is a simple technique to shape a strong brain architecture when kids are engaged in ‘serve and return.’ This is a method wherein caregivers are sensitive and responsive to kids’ signals and needs.

Like a game of tennis or volleyball, when a kid for example does a chore independently, the parent responds accordingly, like praising the kid for their achievement. It seems basic, but there are moments when an adult reacts inappropriately, uncaringly, or does not react at all.

Proper responses help kids build the right emotional and intellectual foundation as they grow up.

These types of interactions, when done consistently, also build self-trust. We want our kids to know they can rely on their own intelligence and emotions, especially when we’re not around.

As serve and return build kids up to become more independent and secure with themselves, they learn assertiveness and take the lead.

Practice serve and return to create stronger bonds with your kid as you support their overall wellbeing. With the help of PROMIL GOLD®, expertly formulated to help speed up brainpower with our breakthrough brain-boosting α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids), your kid will be ready for the future and skilled to take on life’s challenges.

Specially designed by experts. It helps ACCELERATE brain power for faster thinking (Alpha Lipids, DHA). It helps DOUBLE UP brain function to help develop his gifts (MOS+, DHA).

*vs. previous PROMIL GOLD® formulations