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PLAYING: Encourage Your Child to Dance with Confidence

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Encourage Your Child to Dance with Confidence

One of the best ways to teach your bodily-kinesthetic gifted child to dance with confidence is to do it before an audience.

3 mins to read Jul 26, 2023

With the digital platforms available today, there’s no need to wait for a family reunion or recital. They can get the same confidence-boosting benefits performing in front of a digital screen.

Digital platforms are new “stages” for your child to explore and share their gifts. These new stages also make it easier for family and friends to celebrate your child’s gift no matter where they are in the world. Recording the performance makes it easier for your child to review and see how they can improve.

If your child is feeling particularly shy about performing in front of a camera or they’re simply having a bad day, we have some ideas below for you to try.


Involve your child in the creative process

Kids are naturally creative, but can clam up if they feel forced. Instead of directing your child, let them help you plan the shoot. Ask your child what props they want to include in the video and what song they want to dance to. Let them enjoy the entire creative process. It’s easy for them to participate willingly when having fun.


Allow your child to go behind the camera

Allow your child to go behind the camera

Your child may wonder why you love taking videos so much, so offer them some time behind the camera. Give them free rein on what they want to shoot and praise them for their work. You will be amazed at how quickly they pick up ideas, and they will appreciate being in front of the camera more.
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Show them the finished work

Show them the finished work

When you involve your child in the digital project, show them the finished work. Your child will love seeing their ideas come to life. If you share the video with family and friends, relay positive comments. When they know that other people appreciate their work, they will be encouraged to do more.


Stay positive and focus on having fun

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s okay. Remember to respect your child’s feelings no matter how frustrated you may be. If you lose your temper, your child won’t be as eager to participate the next time you want to shoot. Keep things light hearted and fun, and keep the focus on your child rather than the outcome of the video.
Besides these tips, you can also nurture your child’s musical gift and help build their confidence with a daily glass of PROMIL® FOUR, which contains scientifically proven nutrients that support your child’s proper growth and mental development to nurture their talent.