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Product NESTOGEN® KID 3+
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NESTOGROW is a growing up milk for children 3 years of age and beyond para sa healthy and happy growth! 

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Preparing your baby’s formula



Step 1

Pour 210ml (7oz) of previously boiled water into a cup of glass and add 36g (7 tablespoons) of NESTOGROW 4. Mix until powder is fully dissolved.



Step 2

After each use, the bag should be closed tightly and stored in a clean container. Then container must be stored in a cool, dry place. Must be used within 3 weeks after opening





Bakit mahalaga to grow up HAPPY?

Importante sa emotional health, cognitive development and long term life success ang happiness ni chikiting. Ang masayang paglaki ni chikiting ang base for their adult wellbeing.




Where to buy?

Find a store carrying NESTOGROW® near you.