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More Developments at 17 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you're 17 weeks pregnant, the weight of that little one down there increased to around 150 g! Follow more of your child's fetal development here.

2 mins to read May 21, 2018



Just like how these past few weeks have been busy for your prenatal development, a lot more goes for week 17.


The nervous system continues to come along nicely. Small blood vessels are visible through the skin as it is still very thin as of now—quite transparent actually!


The nerve fibers of the spinal cord are now starting to be surrounded by myelin. This is an insulating layer that speeds up impulses.


Your little one’s intestines also continue to develop and have now found its permanent position in the abdomen.


Tact corpuscles, a receptor that enables your baby to respond to light touch sensations, will continue to appear all over you baby’s body up until the 20th week.




You may have probably read or heard somewhere about teeth falling out during pregnancy. You may now rest your worries for this is but an old myth!


This week, a slight baby bump may start to be more apparent. This is the time when old waistbands are starting to feel a little too small for you. Make sure to stay fit and active. Ask your doctor about which exercises are safe for your pregnancy. This will make it easier for you to get back into shape quickly after giving birth!




Fatty acids are essential to a pregnant woman’s diet. But while it’s important to avoid falling on the risk of not getting enough, everything should still be kept under control.


  • Use a light hand when greasing your pan.
  • Explore different ways of cooking. Try steaming or baking for instance. Both will make it easier to control your fat intake.
  • When eating salads, opt for “good” raw oils as your dressing.
  • When you have to use irreplaceable sources of essential fatty acids such as canola oil, one tablespoon should suffice.




Artificial sweeteners, particularly asparmante, have a bad reputation in the pregnant community. However, the effects of these to your unborn baby have not been studied extensively yet. To avoid risks, it’s best to limit your intake whenever possible.


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