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2nd Trimester, Start of 13 Weeks Pregnant

The start of second trimester is the beginning of many new developmental milestones of your baby. Read on and find out what to expect at week 13.

3 mins to read May 21, 2018



You are now 13 weeks pregnant. Expect lots of new developments this week!


Your baby is starting to swallow amniotic fluid, the liquid that surrounds a fetus inside the mother’s womb. This fluid acts as your baby’s cushion and shock absorber that protects against external impacts. In a continuous cycle, this amniotic fluid will constantly circulate as your baby swallows and passes it out as urine.


At the same time, your little one is also starting to produce melanin. This is the pigment that will be responsible for determining your baby’s skin color upon birth.


Your child now weighs around 30 g and is about 7 cm in length from tailbone to the tip of the head. The bones continue to grow so you can be sure that the skeleton is gradually coming together!




For most women, the second trimester is relatively the easiest three months of pregnancy. It’s not called the honeymoon period for no good reason! Typically, by the end of third month, all those discomforts that plagued you during early pregnancy should begin to fade, leaving you feeling like your old self again.


Take this opportunity to go outside and enjoy some fresh air! Enough exposure to sunlight supports synthesis of vitamin D, which helps in keeping you and your baby’s bones healthy. It’s also good for your skin!


Have you noticed your skin looking healthier than it ever has? It’s because pregnancy hormones stimulate your metabolism, giving you a radiant complexion. Don’t worry if you see some brown spots on your forehead or cheeks! These harmless pigment spots will eventually go away in about three months after giving birth. And no, you can’t tell if your baby’s going to be a boy or a girl by just having these. It’s just an old wives’ tale!




Because fish contains high quality protein and is low in saturated fats, it makes an excellent choice to complete a well-balanced diet. However, there are some types of fish that should be avoided during pregnancy.


Mercury is a pollutant to which the nervous system of your baby is highly sensitive. Thus, it is suggested that pregnant women do not consume fish with high levels of mercury like eel or igat, marlin, swordfish, and tuna. Instead, opt for low mercury ones such as catfish or hito, salmon, and tilapia.




You may have probably managed without wearing maternity dresses so far, and it may still take some time before you would actually need more breathing room in your waistbands. But it won’t hurt to secure the other must-haves ahead of time!


Now that you’re back to your old energetic self again, why not go on a shopping spree with a friend? Buy yourself a comfortable maternity bra. Get ones with adjustable straps, as your breasts are still continuously growing at this stage.


You might want to wait a little while before buying a nursing bra though. In a few weeks time, you might find yourself needing a larger size. Thanks to your rapidly developing baby!


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