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PLAYING: Incredible Feats at 14 Weeks Pregnant

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Incredible Feats at 14 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is about the size of a lemon now! Have you felt your little one move yet? How about a kick? If not, you should be able to in the coming weeks! Learn more about your baby's development at 14 weeks pregnant.

3 mins to read May 21, 2018



At 14 weeks, the legs are longer than the arms. Thin skin will continue to develop as it forms layers. Everything that has to do with your little one’s sense of touch is coming along so nicely!


The thyroid also starts working and will now be able to produce its own thyroid hormones. These will support your baby’s healthy development as well as your body’s metabolism.


From this week on, your little one will start to get more and more active inside you. If you haven’t felt a movement yet, expect that you will soon!




Pregnant women usually feel so much better on their second trimester. Take advantage of this stage and do some bonding activities with your partner!


It’s also the perfect time to go out and pamper yourself. Pay a visit to the hairdresser or go on a girls’ night out. You just got through the first hurdle of pregnancy, so take the time to treat yourself and do whatever is fun for you. Just make sure that it’s preggy friendly!




Generally, there is no harm in eating dessert, so long as you do it in moderation.


To ensure you’re still meeting your body’s nutritional needs while pleasing your sweet tooth, substitute your cravings with healthier alternatives! Instead of ice cream, why not indulge in sorbet or frozen yogurt? Opt for fresh or dried fruits, milky desserts, or plain low fat to fat-free yogurt.


Remember, sugar is good for your health, but not when it’s refined!




Are you wondering when you can travel again and explore different places like you always used to? Don’t worry, ‘cause during the fourth and fifth months, you develop this renewed energy. Plus, you can still move quite normally. This makes it the perfect time!


If you’re planning for a road trip, stop for a break every two hours or whenever your body feels the need to. This would happen often, as frequent urination is a normal thing during pregnancy.


You also shouldn’t sit for too long. Bending your legs for an extended period of time can lead to thrombosis, a blot clot that develops in the veins. To avoid this, stand up frequently, especially if your trip requires a plane ride.


Take note that if injections are necessary or you need travel sickness medicine, it’s best to consult with your doctor beforehand.


Remember, you’re not just travelling by yourself anymore. So make sure to take extra care of your body! This time, it’s both you and your baby who’s going on this vacation!


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