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Clean Field Farming Practices

It’s how we ensure our fruit & veggie purees are not only nutritious, but also wholesome and safe for every tiny tummy.

When can I start feeding Gerber to my baby?

You can start feeding your Little One with Gerber from 6 months up to 2 years of age.

Does Gerber contain added sugar, salts & preservatives?

We make sure we harvest our fruits and veggies just the right time to make naturally yummy purees- no added sugar, no added salt and no added preservatives at all!

What is the shelf life of Gerber?

Did you know that each of our Gerber jars are tightly vacuum sealed to make sure they are as fresh as the day it was picked from our farms? Once our Gerber jars are opened, these should be fed to your Little One within 24 hours to get the most of our fresh fruits & veggies!

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