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5 Simple Self-Care Ideas For New Mommas

Mommas, self-care should be on your to-do list!

2 mins to read Aug 18, 2021

I know, mommy, self care — at a time like this? You’re not the first mommy to feel this way. With your new roommate that cries, poops and drools round the clock, paano mo nga naman aalagaan ang sarili mo habang alaga si baby?


1. Make baby’s nap time your naptime.


Pero kung talagang hindi kaya, then lie down at least, but try to resist the urge to scroll through your phone. Trust us on this mommy.


2. Take me-time breaks.


Snack throughout the day, in the late morning or in the afternoon. It’s not just for physical nourishment, but also to be able to function properly mentally. Find a snack that’s easy to prepare and enjoy anytime, like NESTLÉ® MOMMALOVE® lactation milk drink. It has wheat flakes or fiber that can help you feel full.


3. Eat at least one nourishing meal — sitting down.


It’s easy to miss meals when you’re fussing over baby. This way, you can be more certain you’re getting the nutrients you need.


4. Take a mommy shower!


We know it’s rather basic but a five-minute shower is indeed a luxury for us moms! Seriously, a shower can make a world of a difference with your energy and mood.


5. Get help.


Sabi nga ‘di ba, it takes a village to raise a baby, so go ahead, call on the village! Seriously mommy, you do not have to do everything by yourself. Enlist all the help you can get.

And should you need that extra help in getting the nutrients you need during this time, NESTLÉ® MOMMALOVE® lactation milk drink is our way of extending our support to breastfeeding mothers. It’s specially developed to fit the nutritional needs of the Pinay breastfeeding moms including iron, folate, and calcium, plus it has 1,200 milligrams of Malunggay, a known galactagogue*.

Remember — momma care is an essential part of baby care!



are substances which are known to help increase breastmilk production

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