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Mommy On Recovery

Finding time to take care of our needs while taking care of baby can be challenging. Pero ang good news diyan ay it does get easier, and there’s help available.

3 mins to read Aug 18, 2021

Mommy, your postpartum recovery won’t happen for just a few days kahit na you might feel the pressure to bounce back, thanks to social media. Every mommy heals at a different pace so you should allow your body to do that. Try mong ‘wag i-compare ang sarili to that perfect FB mom because the truth is, post-partum recovery isn’t as easy as you think.

Habang on the road to recovery, importanteng ‘wag kalimutang alagaan ang sarili. Dahil ang new mommies talaga, may tendency to put their needs last, madalas na kulang sa nutrients such as iron, folate and calcium. So mommy, take your nourishment to heart kasi if you’re not healthy and if you don’t make yourself a priority then you won’t be able to recover properly or give your best to your baby.

During this time of healing, good nutrition is key. Snack on something healthy throughout the day, every time you feed your baby. If you can express your milk, you can buy yourself some me-time and get dad or someone else to feed baby. It’s good to have your own support system to help you out as you allow your body to heal.

As soon as you give birth, you can also get some help during your breastfeeding journey. NESTLÉ® MOMMALOVE® lactation milk is a drink that’s ideal for snacking during the in-betweens of motherhood. It’s specially developed to fit the nutritional needs of the Pinoy breastfeeding moms such as iron, folate and calcium. Plus it has 1,200 milligrams of Malunggay, a known galactagogue* which may help in lactation.

While you’re on recovery, we’ve got you, mommy. Habang alaga mo is baby, alaga ka naman ng NESTLÉ® MOMMALOVE®.

Have a healthy snack each time you feed baby if you don’t have an appetite. Try to get a good 4-hour blocks of sleep several times a week. Ask support people to change, burp, comfort baby and only bring baby to you for breastfeeding to extend your sleep when tired.

Have a good support system and don’t be afraid to ask them for help. Soak up the sun when you can. Have an enjoyable activity to look forward to each week. Try to get out of the house, but if you can’t - do something you enjoy at home or pamper yourself. Relax and enjoy your baby.


are substances which are known to help increase breastmilk production

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