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Why Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ is Mom’s BFF Para sa Batang May Laban

Growing up milk, like Bonakid Pre-School 3+, can help boost your child’s immunity, growth, and energy for better laban ng katawan.

4 mins to read Jul 25, 2023

Mommies, it’s hard to plan all of your kids’ meals, ‘di ba? Recipe planning, shopping, and cooking. Naku!

Luckily, milk is also a great source for the nutrients that kids need for Immunity, Growth, and Energy!  

Growing up milk like Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ is a great addition to your child’s diet. Formulated with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, it will surely help your child become a Batang May Laban! Thanks to this growing up milk, you’ll be able to make sure your child gets the nutrients they need, together with a balanced and varied diet, and healthy lifestyle.

There are several ways that growing up milk can help improve your child’s health, and help them achieve Laban ng Katawan.



Moms, remember your child needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and fight illnesses!

In our how-to guide to a Laban ng Katawan diet, we talked about why getting these vitamins and nutrients from food is important.

But did you know that growing up milk is a great source of these nutrients too?

Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ is a great milk to help support immunity. It has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, zinc and selenium. Check out our diet guide to find out why kids need these nutrients!

Adding milk to your child’s diet is a great way to help support their immune system. Remember, a Batang May Laban with Labang ng Katawan is always ready to fight off sickness!



Milk doesn’t only help your child’s immune system. It also helps them grow! Ang galing, noh?

It can help kids grow tall and strong by providing them with proper amounts of Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D. Wondering how these help your child grow? Here’s a quick guide!


Ang Batang May Laban ay matangkad at malakas! And growing up milks like Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ contain the nutrients that kids need to help them grow!



Kids with Laban ng Katawan always have the energy they need to learn, play, and get through the day!
Thanks to Bonakid Pre-School® 3+, together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, you do not have to worry about children running low on energy when they most need it! We don’t want our kids falling asleep in school, ‘di ba?

Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ contains Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, and B12. Thanks to these vitamins, your kids can turn food into energy, which they can use to run, play, and learn.(5)

Vitamin B can also give kids more energy to learn and do better in school!

For example, Vitamin B6 helps break down food and turn it into energy. It also makes sure your brain stays healthy and ready to learn.(6)

Vitamin B12 a great brain vitamin as well! It helps the brains of young kids grow and develop properly. It can also make changes to the brain, which help kids think and learn more quickly. In fact, young children that lack Vitamin B could have problems with brain development.(7)

Kaya, when it comes to Vitamin B, always make sure your child meets the recommended levels!

Growing up milks like Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ help give your kid Laban ng Katawan through these Immunity, Growth and Energy nutrients!


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