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PLAYING: 3 Signs Your Bulilit is Ready for Solid Food

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3 Signs Your Bulilit is Ready for Solid Food

Are you excited to see your bulilit to start eating solid food?

3 mins to read Oct 20, 2021

Giving your Bulilit solid food is a very exciting milestone. Just imagine the world of flavors that your baby has yet to explore! However, this process can also be intimidating, especially for first-time mommies. We’re sure you have questions about your baby’s readiness for solid food, so we’re here to help you answer them!


mom feeding baby with solid food


Here are three signs that your Bulilit is ready for their first solid food experience:

  1. They’re around 6 months old

Doctors often advise moms to start solid food feeding around their baby’s 6th month. It’s because, at this age, Bulilits need more nutrients to support their physical growth and development. At 6 months old, they are also more active—already rolling over, even crawling and can sit with support. Moms also notice that they move their mouth and tongue, like wanting to taste the food that the family is eating. This physical activity demands more energy coming from solid food sources. 

mom feeding baby

  1. They can swallow food

You’ll know that your Bulilit is ready for solid food when they start outgrowing their tongue-thrust reflex, which is an instinct that keeps them safe from choking. This means that if your child is not yet ready, they will instinctively push out food from their mouth with their tongue. You can test if the reflex is gone by giving them small amounts of baby food. If you see that they are chewing and swallowing, get excited! It means that you can start solid food feeding!


  1. They can hold their head up while sitting

Another sign that your Bulilit is ready for solid food is when they are no longer wobbly sitters! It’s a sign of good head control and strong neck muscles, which are vital for swallowing their first solids. 


Once your Bulilit shows these three signs, it’s time to introduce them to solids! Here are some tips to help you get started:



  • Choose a time when you and Bulilit are both happy and calm. Make it an occasion by scheduling their first-ever mealtime!
  • For their first try, you may give it an hour or two after breastfeeding. Start with one food that is smooth, so it’s easy to swallow. An ideal first food choice is CERELAC®, which is specially made with baby-grade grains that are perfect for Bulilit’s delicate tummy! 
  • Sit Bulilit up and give them 1-2 teaspoons of food. You can gradually increase the serving size depending on their appetite.
  • While feeding Bulilit, be attentive to their reaction. Watch over them to prevent them from choking, and to see whether they are full or want more. Plus, it’s also a priceless experience to watch their reactions to new flavors!
  • You may include bits of fruits and vegetables to CERELAC® or may give single food at a time like mashed potato,  boiled carrots, broccoli and fruits.
  • If baby seems to dislike food, don’t be discouraged and try giving it to them again the next time!
  • Your Bulilit will make a mess in the beginning, and that’s okay! They’re only learning to eat, so be patient. Allow them to explore their food by taste and touch, and remember that at this stage, making it enjoyable is important in building their newfound skill.