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What's in Store for You and Baby at 16 Weeks Pregnant

If you could take a peek inside your womb right now, you'd see a much-developed little baby, sucking on a thumb. Someone has finally managed to get to those tiny fingers! Learn more about your baby's development at 16 weeks pregnant.

3 mins to read May 21, 2018



Yet another one of the sense organs gets a jump-start. Your little one’s retinas start to work this week. Avoid exposing your belly to bright lights for the sensory organs are still too fragile!


Have you already felt your baby move? If not, it is possible that you will feel it the first time this week!


These movements are still very light. So don’t expect some massive sensations just yet! Be on the lookout for what feels like butterfly wings, or small bubbles, inside you belly.


Don’t worry too much if you don’t experience such this week. You’ll get there in no time! Remember that each pregnancy develops at a different rate and yours is just exactly where you guys are supposed to be.




Craving something doesn’t automatically mean that your body is lacking some nutrients. A more factual explanation for this can be attributed to the increase of hormones in a pregnant woman’s body. And it goes the same with sudden food aversions!


You don’t necessarily have to restrict yourself every single time you crave a particular food. Just make sure to consume everything in moderation and maintain a nutritious, well-balanced diet!




It’s important to supply your pregnant body with vitamin A. But make sure you’re taking in just the right amount—neither too much nor too little—as excessive intake could be harmful to your developing baby.


Take a good look at some of your usual skin treatments. Some of it might contain vitamin A. Also, foods such as milk and other dairy products, butter, egg yolks, bright vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes and carrots, & orange and yellow fruits like melon and mango, are more than enough to cover your vitamin A needs.




By around six months, we suggest that you and your partner go to an antenatal class to prepare yourselves in welcoming your little one. Know what to expect when it comes to giving birth, learn the necessary breathing techniques to help you relax during labor, and other really useful information. Antenatal classes are also the ideal opportunity to get to know other mothers and couples.


Who can you better share this experience with other than your loving partner, right? 


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