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PLAYING: α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids) Explained: The New, Essential Building Blocks for Your Kid's Brain

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α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids) Explained: The New, Essential Building Blocks for Your Kid's Brain

Learn how you can help give your kid the best brain nutrition through α-Lipids (Alpha-Lipids).

3 mins to read Aug 7, 2023

As a parent, you naturally want the best for your kid in all aspects of their life, including their education, lifestyle and nutrition. But raising a gifted kid who is smart, independent, and quick-thinking requires going above and beyond. 

Giving your kid the best start in life means providing the right nutrition for their developing brain, especially during their preschool years. Choosing the appropriate milk formula and having a balanced diet can help support their brain growth and lay a solid foundation for future success. The secret is found in Alpha-Lipids.


What are Alpha-Lipids?

Alpha-Lipids are a unique ingredient containing the five major phospholipids present in human milk. These phospholipids are crucial building blocks of cell membranes, which are vital for brain development and cellular function. 

Two of the five major phospholipids—phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin—play a vital role in supporting a crucial process in the brain called myelination. 


Why is myelination important?

During the first five years of your kid's life, their brain grows rapidly and reaches up to 90% of its adult size. This period is known as the golden window of opportunity for brain development. The brain's complex networks are shaped and refined through a process called myelination, and the quality of brain connections made in preschool will stay with your kid until adulthood. 

The process of myelination involves the development of a protective layer called a 'myelin sheath' over nerves in the brain. This layer boosts the speed of electrical impulses traveling through the body, leading to improved processing speed and performance in the brain. 

Imagine the difference in speed between unmyelinated and well-myelinated brain connections. Unmyelinated connections move at a speed of 1.8 to 7.2 kph, similar to a human's average walking speed. Meanwhile, well-myelinated connections can move as fast as 252 to 435 kph, which is comparable to the top speed of an F1 race car. 

Simply put, Alpha-Lipids promote a well-myelinated brain, and a well-myelinated brain supports faster brain connections, which enable your gifted kid to think fast, have an excellent memory, and solve problems. 

To ensure your gifted kid's brain develops at race car speeds, give your kid optimal brain nutrition with PROMIL Gold®, which now contains the clinically proven CONNECT Blend. This blend includes Alpha-Lipids that enhance myelination in the brain, which leads to faster and more efficient brain connections. In a recent MRI study among infants, PROMIL Gold® has been clinically shown to increase myelination by up to 36%.1

Besides Alpha-Lipids, PROMIL Gold® is also packed with nutrients like HMO (also found in breast milk), choline, lutein, and DHA. These nutrients help to improve memory, eyesight, and brain development, ensuring that your gifted kid's brain develops at an accelerated pace.


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