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PLAYING: Spotting New Gifts in the Digital Age

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Spotting New Gifts in the Digital Age

The digital age has ushered in digital platforms and new ways to express creativity. Many traditional talents can manifest themselves in new ways. Keep an open mind and eye to spot these new gifts.

2 mins to read Jul 26, 2023

No matter what your child’s gifts are, it’s best to share them with others. They could inspire other children while also boosting their confidence. Meanwhile, you continue keeping an eye out for new ways in which your child expresses their gifts.



If your child is artistically gifted, they may not necessarily demonstrate their talent through drawing or painting, but they can take well-composed photos. Their gift can also manifest as having an eye for good design or a great sense of style.  

You can nurture their gift by letting them experiment with phone photography or buy them a toy camera. You can also let your child play apps that let kids become master creators and engineers. Apps like this help your child develop organizational skills and explore measurements and numbers—skills that are relevant to design.



Your linguistically gifted child may prefer to tell stories through filmmaking instead of putting pen to paper or using words. This gift can also manifest through self-made plots when playing pretend.

You can nurture your child’s gift by letting them experiment with taking videos or even photos. This encourages them to explore different venues for telling stories.

And when your child is playing pretend, you can join in the fun and throw a little plot-twist in their story.

You can also get your child an app that lets them interact with the game’s characters, perfect for developing your child’s storytelling abilities.

Whatever way your child chooses to display their gifts, one way of nurturing their talents is by giving them a daily glass of PROMIL® FOUR. It contains essential nutrients that help support proper growth and mental development to nurture the gift.