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PLAYING: The Importance of Double Immunity in the Journey Towards Modern Giftedness

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The Importance of Double Immunity in the Journey Towards Modern Giftedness

We can only reach our potential when our basic needs have been met.

4 mins to read Aug 1, 2023

Back in 1943, American psychologist Abraham Maslow introduced his theory of the "hierarchy of needs." This theory details the idea that we must first meet our most basic needs—sleep, food, and water—before seeking our "higher" needs, enabling us to reach our full potential. The same is true for your child.

It's crucial to equip your child with a strong foundation that includes a strengthened immune system, so they can focus on exploring the world around them and nurturing their gifts. This is why Wyeth Nutrition launched the NEW and BEST EVER* PROMIL® FOUR with the NutriGiftTM System, which includes MOS+ that can help double up your child's immunity.


How does MOS+ give your child double the immunity?

MOS+ is a nutrient added to enhance the oligosaccharides profile of milk formulas. It is derived from the whey portion of milk, and it is certified GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Some of the benefits of MOS+ include: protecting against the growth of harmful organisms in the body by acting as a prebiotic; improving immune response against harmful pathogens; strengthening your child's gut barrier and decreasing attachment sites for bacteria; and facilitating calcium absorption1.


Why is a robust immune system essential to nurturing the gift?

Building a healthy immune system is vital at any stage in life, more so for developing young children working on further developing their gifts. According to a study that explored the correlation between illness and lower neurodevelopmental scores1, every additional ten days of fever is associated with more than a two-point decrease in language and motor scores.

Numerous studies support the importance of good nutrition in early childhood. The National Nutrition Council in 2016 found that good nutrition in early childhood ensures optimal growth and development. Proper nutrition also delays the onset of noncommunicable diseases in young children, leading to a better quality of life. When children have more healthy days, they have more time and opportunities to nurture the gift.

These findings are supported by a 1970 study by Maslow on motivation and personality. He looked into the lives of 18 exceptional people, including Albert Einstein, to determine what set them apart. The people included in his study were deemed healthy, creative, and productive. He then examined each person's physical, emotional, social, and intellectual qualities and how they impacted their learning abilities.

The results from that study inform the humanistic education approach adapted by most schools today. More educators are now aware that students will only strive to learn once their basic physiological needs, like nutrition, are met.


Double up the Immunity

Together with a balanced diet that helps meet your child’s nutrition needs, a daily glass of the NEW and BEST EVER* PROMIL® FOUR with the NutriGiftTM System formulated with MOS+ that helps defend your child against disease-causing pathogens.

MOS+ doubles immune response markers secretory immunoglobulin A (slgA), suggesting better pathogen defense and reduced risk of diarrhea and fecal OPV-specific lgA levels, which means a better vaccine response. MOS+ also supports growth by improving calcium absorption.

The reformulation has higher levels of Selenium, which supports the normal function of the immune system, and AA, which is responsible for brain growth, cell division, and signaling.

Furthermore, the new formula has the highest level of DHA compared to the previous formulation—from 3.0mg to 14.9mg. DHA contributes to normal brain development.

These essential nutrients help your child make the most of their gifts, maximizing their development as they aim to reach their full potential.

PROMIL® FOUR NutriGiftTM System is your partner in spotting and nurturing your child's talents. Specially formulated with MOS+, Carotenes, Selenium, AA, Choline, the highest levels of brain-boosting DHA*, and 37 other essential nutrients, the NEW and BEST EVER* PROMIL® FOUR doubles your child's immune response, keeping your child healthy and strong while they pursue their giftedness journey.

Double the immunity means more opportunities to nurture the gift. Give your child a glass of the NEW and BEST EVER* PROMIL® FOUR today!
*vs. Previous PROMIL® FOUR formulation claims.


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