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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Wondering if you’re pregnant? The changes happening to your body might give you a clue. Apart from missing one’s period, there are many other signs and symptoms of pregnancy to look out for. Read all about them here.

3 mins to read May 9, 2017

Every pregnancy is different, and so are the symptoms. But the most common signs of pregnancy should give you an idea of what to expect. Keep an eye out for any of these symptoms, and once you start experiencing them, make sure to take a pregnancy test and consult a healthcare professional to confirm if you are indeed pregnant.

Breast changes

Breast changes during pregnancy are perfectly normal. A woman’s breasts tend to become tender and heavier a week or two after conception. The areola, which is the area around the nipples, may also darken. These breast changes are due to the sudden surge of hormones in a pregnant woman’s body.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting, often regarded as morning sickness, is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy. It can be attributed to low blood sugar as well as the hormonal changes that happen in a pregnant woman’s body. Despite its name, bouts of nausea and vomiting can strike at any time of day.


Unusual fatigue can also be a symptom of pregnancy. A pregnant woman may start feeling extreme tiredness as early as one week after conception. This happens as a result of the hormonal changes a woman’s body goes through when she gets pregnant.

Slight spotting or cramping

Spotting occurs after ovulation, when the embryo attaches itself to the uterus lining. This is called implantation bleeding, and it usually comes around the time of the expected period. However, it is lighter in color and not as heavy as the flow of a woman’s usual menstruation. Implantation may also cause a woman to experience cramps during pregnancy.

Frequent urination

The hormonal changes in a pregnant woman’s body can also lead to frequent urination. That’s because the pregnancy hormone hCG increases blood flow to the kidneys, so that waste is removed much more quickly and efficiently. This pregnancy symptom also intensifies during the latter stages of pregnancy, when the growing baby tends to press on the mother’s bladder.

Mood changes

Dramatic mood swings are completely normal during pregnancy and can also serve as one of the signs of pregnancy. These, yet again, can be attributed to a pregnant woman’s fluctuating hormone levels, as well as the significant physical and emotional changes that take place during pregnancy.

Food cravings

Food cravings are also one of the most well-known pregnancy signs. These may be caused by the increase in estrogen, which heightens a pregnant woman’s sense of taste and smell. As a result, pregnant women may develop a sudden affinity for food they’ve never liked before.

Always remember that every pregnancy is different. For some, the signs of pregnancy can be obvious, but for others, they can be subtler and harder to notice. Also keep in mind that these symptoms may also have other causes apart from pregnancy, so the only way to tell for sure is by taking a pregnancy test and consulting your healthcare professional.