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PLAYING: What’s Next, Wyeth Nutrition®?

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What’s Next, Wyeth Nutrition®?

Wyeth Nutrition® continues its legacy of formulating the most advanced nutritional products for gifted kids.

3 mins to read Nov 30, 2023

For over a century, Wyeth Nutrition® has been at the forefront of nutrition and understanding the unique needs of gifted kids. They revolutionized the industry in 1915 with the creation of the first nutritionally complete milk formula, G-R milk. Since then, they have continued to make groundbreaking nutritional advancements, such as being the first to add Beta-Carotene to milk in 1933, and in 2021, they introduced a breakthrough milk formula containing MOS+, DHA, Choline, and Lutein for better brain development.

Wyeth Nutrition® is dedicated to supporting the nutritional needs of gifted kids, especially during their first 1,000 days and beyond. Today, the company continues to demonstrate its expertise in formulating the best milk formulas for enhancing brain development. Parents can trust that the ingredients in Wyeth Nutrition's® most advanced brain-boosting milk formulas, like PROMIL Gold®, are thoroughly researched by their expert scientists, as evidenced by the Wyeth Nutrition® Neurocognition Research.


What is the Wyeth Nutrition®  Neurocognition Research?

The Neurocognition Research guarantee is only found on products from Wyeth Nutrition®. It highlights that products like PROMIL® and PROMIL Gold® have been developed using only the latest and the best findings from the company’s research centers in Lausanne-Switzerland and Askeaton-Ireland.

The Wyeth Nutrition® neurocognition research teams based in these research centers are dedicated to understanding brain development, learning about nutrition, and discovering nutritional solutions that support brain and cognitive development and learning. They are committed to exploring and developing innovations and clinical evidence for infant nutrition that supports optimal brain growth for cognitive, motor, and social-emotional development. 

Simply put, PROMIL® and PROMIL Gold® are formulated using Wyeth Nutrition® Neurocognition Research, ensuring that these are research-backed brain-boosting milk formulas that support your gifted kid’s brain development.


PROMIL Gold®: Research-backed brain-boosting milk formula

With all this ongoing brain development research and innovation behind Wyeth Nutrition® , you can be assured that every glass of PROMIL® or PROMIL Gold® is well-formulated to nurture your kid’s gifted brain.

PROMIL Gold® leads the way in advancing brain science through a nutritional blend called Nutrigift Advance™, backed up by pioneering clinical studies with brain experts. Advance™contains Alpha-lipids, DHA, Choline, Lutein, and HMO.

Alpha-lipids are beneficial for brain development by enhancing myelination, which leads to faster and more efficient brain connections. This ingredient is unique as it contains five essential phospholipids, found in human milk, that play a vital role in the brain's development and the proper functioning of cells.

Of these five major phospholipids, Sphingomyelin is proven to increase myelination across most brain regions. These phospholipids enable the brain to make connections up to 100 times faster, resulting in more efficient brain processing. Research has proven this to be true, with an MRI study on infants showing that PROMIL Gold® could increase myelination by up to 36%1.

Besides the brain-boosting Alpha-lipids, PROMIL Gold® also contains DHA and Choline to support brain and memory development; Lutein, which helps protect the eye from damage and is associated with faster visual and cognitive development; and HMO (2’FL) or Human Milk Oligosaccharides, which supports a healthy immune system.

With Wyeth Nutrition® and PROMIL Gold®, you can give your kid the best science-backed nutrition while you focus on nurturing their gifted brain.





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