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8 Weeks Pregnant: Milestones to Celebrate

Your baby is now about the size of a jelly bean, and weighs about as much! As we go through the changes to your pregnancy week by week, here's a look at what happens when you're 8 weeks pregnant.

3 mins to read May 21, 2018


The little one inside you is looking more human-like than ever! This week on fetal development, facial features such as the upper lip, a teeny-tiny nose, and paper-thin eyelids get more defined. With fingers and toes now better formed, your baby may be able to touch thumb to forefinger – imagine that!


Internal systems continue to develop, and the intestine is steadily growing - getting ready to reach about 10 feet at birth, which is pretty impressive for someone so small!


As for your baby’s gender, even though it’s already genetically defined, it’s too early to be visible just yet.


By the end of the eighth week, the heart and vascular systems will be in place. The next time you get an ultrasound, you should be able to hear your baby’s heart beating – up to as much as 180 bpm (beats per minute)!



Now that you’re 8 weeks pregnant, you may start noticing changes to your figure. Some women may lose a little weight, while others will already see some weight gain. Physical signs of pregnancy may show surprisingly early.


If the scales are telling you that the pounds are melting away, even though there is a child on the way, don’t worry. Many women, instead of putting on weight in the first few weeks of pregnancy, will lose it instead. Hormonal changes, along with pregnancy symptoms such as a lack of appetite or nausea, are to blame. Expect weight changes to vary a lot from one woman to another.



Put hydration at the top of your list!


Throughout your entire pregnancy, make sure you’re drinking enough water. It is an essential component of your blood, the volume of which has grown significantly since the beginning of your pregnancy, to ensure that you pass on the necessary nutrition to your baby. While maintaining this increased blood volume, it’s absolutely critical that you don’t get dehydrated.


Aim to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, even more in hot weather. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas with caffeine, to prevent your baby from getting over-stimulated. 



“I am 8 weeks pregnant and I've put on 5 kilos. Is that normal?”

Whether that’s your story or not, keep in mind that weight gain naturally varies among pregnant women. That said, rapid weight gain this early on should be reported to your doctor, because it is rather unusual for it to happen so soon.


If your pre-pregnancy weight was lower than average, you probably have no reason to worry. But if your weight was normal or heavy before pregnancy, the added pounds could make a difference, and your doctor might want to monitor your diet.


Always consult with your doctor on what kind of nutritious diet is best for you.



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