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PLAYING: Is PROMIL® the Right Choice? Moms Speak Out

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Is PROMIL® the Right Choice? Moms Speak Out

4 mins to read Nov 24, 2023

Since Wyeth Nutrition® launched infant formula S-26 in 1965 and follow-on milk PROMIL® in 1986 in the Philippines, thousands of moms have put their trust in the brand. But with continued rising prices and inflation, is PROMIL® worth your money? 

Mommy Bianca said ,  PROMIL® is her milk of choice for her kid.  She thinks  PROMIL®  is worth it because she sees that her daughter is active, learns fast, and picks up new skills even with minimal supervision. This is because PROMIL® contains nutrients that boost rapid brain connections in the preschool years. 

Mom Ann, who gives her kid PROMIL G , agrees. Her daughter does well in school and rarely gets sick because of her strong immune system, making PROMIL® a great investment for her kid’s nutrition. 

Mom Lyka  gives her kid a daily glass of PROMIL Gold® primarily because her kid’s pediatrician recommended it. She also trusts PROMIL® because it was her younger sister's growing-up milk.  She thinks  PROMIL® is worth the price because it contains nutrients that are good for her kid. 

Meanwhile, mom Jes chose PROMIL®  for her daughter, who had a liver transplant in 2018. Due to her medical condition, it was crucial to find a growing-up milk that is not only nutritious but also doesn't contain too much sugar. She pointed out that PROMIL® has no added sucrose, and it tastes creamy, which her daughter loves.  


Investing in a gifted kid by nurturing a gifted brain 

PROMIL® and PROMILGold® are two of the Philippines' trusted and most advanced brain-boosting milk formulas.  

PROMIL® NutriGift System® doubles up your kid’s brain development with more DHA* and MOS+, which contains Sialic Acid. DHA, or Docosahexaenoic Acid, plays a vital role in enhancing the brain development stages in early childhood as it supports brain cell communication. 


Meanwhile, MOS+ or Milk Oligosaccharides support your kid’s immune system. A study discovered that MOS+ could improve kids’ mucosal immune response, indicating that MOS+ has a positive impact on the immune system.1 Additionally, MOS+  improves vaccine response1, which strengthens your kid’s immune system for more school days and better learning outcomes. 

In addition to  your kid’s immunity, MOS+ also includes Sialic Acid, which helps transfer information between neurons in the brain. Research has found that supplementing with Sialic Acid can improve brain performance, making it important for supporting your kid's memory and learning abilities.2-4

PROMIL Gold® is Wyeth Nutrition’s® most advanced milk formula containing the clinically proven CONNECT Blend. This blend includes Alpha-lipids that enhance a crucial process in the brain called myelination, which leads to faster and more efficient brain development in childhood. 

An MRI study on infants found that increased myelination in the brain supports your kid’s cognitive and behavioral function, including language development.5 MRI images show that PROMIL Gold® increases myelination by up to 36% in brain regions involved in sensory, motor, cognitive, and language functions, resulting in rapid brain development in early childhood. 

Besides the brain-boosting Alpha-lipids, PROMIL Gold® also contains HMO to support a healthy immune system, Lutein which helps protect the eye from damage, Choline and DHA to support brain and memory development. 


Support your kid’s gifted brain development 

As a parent, you can rely on the PROMIL® Nutrigift System®  and PROMIL Gold® to help raise your gifted kid. Take advantage of online exclusive offers and Buy 3, Get 1 free promos that can help you save money without compromising on your kid’s brain development.  




*vs. previous PROMIL® formulas 



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