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PLAYING: Is My Kid a Picky Eater? Signs of Picky Eating and How to Get Your Kid Back on Track

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Is My Kid a Picky Eater? Signs of Picky Eating and How to Get Your Kid Back on Track

If your kid loves bananas one day but pushes them away the next, or you find yourself begging your kid to eat, you’re not alone.

3 mins to read May 23, 2024

Picky eating is a top health concern for Filipino moms.1 But why do kids turn into picky eaters? Should you be worried about your kid’s picky eating habits, and what can you do about it (i.e. Trying varieties of food, drinking Wyeth Ascenda Kid, and more)?


Understanding the signs

Understanding the signs

Understanding the signs of picky eating is essential. Here are some signs to watch out for:

· Your kid pushes away the spoon or turns their head from it

· Closing their mouth as you try to feed them

· Spitting out their food

· Becoming cranky at mealtime

· Refusing to eat certain foods or an entire food group

However, there could be a variety of reasons for picky eating or no reason at all. Here are possible causes for occasional picky eating behaviors:

· They’re distracted or not feeling well

· They could also be teething, have infections or food allergies

If your kid is growing and gaining weight within the normal range and reaching developmental milestones, such as walking and talking, then there’s typically no need to worry about a fussy eater who occasionally chooses their food. On the other hand, if your kid consistently shows signs of picky eating, their growth is stunted, or they’re underweight, then it’s time to intervene.


Dealing with a picky eater

One way to deal with a picky eater is to let them try various foods and different textures. Some kids might prefer finger foods, while others may want to graze. It’s important not to give up and feed your kid “junk foods” just to get them to eat. Instead, offer them healthy options, and they’ll develop a taste for them over time.

You can also let your kid participate during mealtimes. Although your kid will likely make a mess, letting them take control is important for their growth and development. Allowing them to feed themselves may also encourage them to try new foods and textures.

No matter what, it’s essential never to force-feed your kid. Encouraging your kid to eat by making it a positive and enjoyable experience can help them develop a healthy relationship with food and foster positive eating habits for the future. It’s vital to be patient and consistent when dealing with picky eaters, and you can help your kid develop a healthy relationship with food.


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2. Based on the Oral Nutritional Supplementation combined with dietary counseling promotes growth, nutritional adequacy, and is well accepted in toddlers experiencing growth concerns clinical study by Samuels et al in 2023