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PLAYING: Meet the Brain Milks: PROMIL® and PROMIL Gold®

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Meet the Brain Milks: PROMIL® and PROMIL Gold®

PROMIL®  and PROMIL Gold® belong to a family of winning milk formulas for gifted brain development.  

4 mins to read Nov 23, 2023

Finding a growing-up milk with clinically-proven ingredients to support your kid's brain development in early childhood can be daunting. There are too many options, and it can be overwhelming to compare them all. 

PROMIL® and PROMIL Gold® are advanced milk formulas that—along with a balanced diet—provide proper nutrition for kids aged three to five years. However, they differ in their ingredient combinations and their unique benefits.

But first, let's explore their similarities.

PROMIL® and PROMIL Gold® are packed with vital nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients are crucial for supporting overall growth and brain development in childhood. 

Both formulas contain Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), which helps enhance your kid’s learning abilities. While both belong to a family of winning milk formulas for gifted brain development, they differ slightly.


PROMIL® Nutrigift System®

PROMIL® is a milk formula that helps support your kid’s immune system. It contains a type of carbohydrate called milk oligosaccharides (MOS+) which is clinically proven to promote growth and provide immunity benefits. When young kids consume milk with MOS+, they receive numerous health advantages, such as a lower risk of infection when exposed to bacteria or viruses.

A study discovered MOS+ improve mucosal immune response in kids, indicating that MOS+ has a positive impact on the immune system.1 Additionally, MOS+ can enhance the response of oral polivirus vaccine-specific antibodies, which means that MOS+ helps improve vaccine response.1

Besides immunity-boosting benefits, MOS+ also contains Sialic Acid that facilitates the transfer of information between neurons in the brain or neurotransmission. Studies have shown that supplementing with Sialic Acid has improved brain performance, making it crucial for supporting your kid’s excellent memory and learning abilities.2-4

A 2022 study discovered how Sialic Acid supports the brain’s development and improves function. Scientists examined the brains of one-month-old infants through MRI and found that the group that drank milk with high levels of Sialic Acid had better blood flow and brain tissue oganization5, which are vital for brain development.

In addition to MOS+, PROMIL® has more DHA* to double up brain development.



PROMIL Gold® is designed to aid brain development stages in early childhood using clinically proven Nutrigift Advance™. This means that it contains Alpha-lipids that enhance a crucial brain development process called myelination, leading to faster and more efficient brain connections in the preschool years. 


The Alpha-lipids in PROMIL Gold® are made through a unique process that preserves high levels of phospholipids, which play a key role in supporting the structure and function of cells in the brain. It also has alpha-lactalbumin, the most abundant whey protein in human milk, and five key phospholipids, such as Sphingomyelin, which is essential for myelination.

As myelination is a crucial process for brain connectivity, it supports your kid’s cognitive and behavioral functioning, including language development.2 These claims are proven by research. In an MRI study among infants, PROMIL Gold® has been clinically shown to increase myelination by up to 36%.6

Besides brain-boosting Alpha-lipids, PROMIL Gold® also contains HMO (Human milk oligosaccharides), which is also found in breast milk; choline for better memory; lutein for better eyesight; and DHA.


Nurture your kid's brain connections 

As a parent, you can rely on the PROMIL® and PROMIL Gold® to help raise your gifted kid. Take advantage of online exclusive offers and Buy 3, Get 1 free promos, so you can focus on nurturing your kid’s gifted brain.




*vs. previous PROMIL® formulations 



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