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PLAYING: The many surprises of 32 Weeks Pregnant

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The many surprises of 32 Weeks Pregnant

Your little sweetheart is getting ready to meet you! While development is still in full swing as you head into the last leg of your pregnancy journey, now the focus is on final finishing touches that help ensure your baby is born perfect from beloved crown to small toe.

3 mins to read May 17, 2018


Your baby’s bones are nearly 100% developed, and the tiny nails on those precious fingers are in place. Very soon the skin will lose its redness and become a lovely newborn baby pink. Right now, you’ll be surprised to know that your baby’s adrenal glands are huge – as big as those of a teenager! These glands are important because they’re responsible for the hormones that help your baby grow and stay healthy. And at this time, your baby sure is producing a lot of these hormones, more than 10 times that of a normal adult! One of these hormones is called cortisol, a natural substance that not only helps induce labor when the time comes, but also helps organs such as the lungs fully mature. So yes, your baby’s adrenal glands are working overtime now, but after birth, they’ll get smaller and more proportional to the size of your tiny tot. 



You may have noticed that your digestive system is working more slowly lately. That’s the work of the extra hormones in your body telling your muscles and organs to relax – sometimes a bit too much. The good news is, you can help your digestion along and improve your general wellbeing by eating dried fruit and other foods rich in fiber. From now on, you can also expect your doctor visits and check-ups to increase. This helps your doctor stay on top of your pregnancy and ensure that everything is as it should be.



Now and after childbirth, a diet that’s rich in vitamins becomes more vital than ever. One of the big reasons is that your baby’s skin is delicate and needs nourishment, especially after birth when it will no longer be protected by amniotic fluid, the fluid that supports and sustains your little one inside the womb. Your breastmilk now becomes the source of nutrients that will keep your baby healthy – skin and all. But vitamins aren’t stored by the body, you need to replenish your supply daily in order to nourish both you and your baby. You should be able to get these vitamins from a normal, balanced, and varied diet. A good rule of thumb is, the more colorful your food, the more vitamins you take in. Think of it as eating a rainbow of nutritious food each day.



You’ve probably been wondering what you actually need for your baby. Good question!

As far as clothes are concerned, it’s good to prepare five to seven bodysuits, tops, and footed onesies for sleeping. Keep in mind that babies tend to regurgitate their milk quite often at the beginning, so it’s best to always have clean clothes on hand. Add a couple of caps, mittens, and socks to help keep your baby warm, especially in air-conditioned rooms. On top of this, you’ll also need various items and equipment for sleeping, bathing, changing diapers, eating, and playing, though you will definitely be your baby’s favorite toy at first! A little tip: babies outgrow their clothes really quickly – they don’t stay tiny for long! So don’t buy too much. If you have a car, don’t forget to get an infant car seat. You’ll need one when the proud dad brings you both home from the hospital.



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