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30 Weeks Pregnant! Here are the highlights

Every day, your baby develops more and more, getting ready to make a grand entrance into the world! Do you think you'll miss being pregnant? Remember that each pregnancy is different and comes with its own share of joys and challenges. You'll find that the female reproductive system is full of amazing surprises. Read on to see what Week 30 has in store for you.

3 mins to read May 17, 2018


Ooh, what was that? Did you just feel a movement that didn’t seem like the usual kicking? Your baby might have the hiccups! It can happen when your baby has swallowed too much amniotic fluid – the fluid that surrounds and supports the fetus. Not only can you feel the hiccups, but you can hear them as well! Rest assured that they’re completely normal, aren’t painful to your baby at all, and are actually how your little one trains for breathing movements.


This week, your baby’s sexual organs also finish forming. The eyes can now see quite well and the ears can take in sound stimuli. Some of the favorite things that babies love to hear at this time include low frequency music and the sound of Daddy’s voice. You know your baby’s enjoying if you start feeling movements in response, or if the ultrasound shows an increased heart rate.



A few weeks ago, the first flutterings of your little darling filled you with delight. Now that it seems your baby has turned into quite the gymnast, you’ll discover that sudden movements can hurt! This is when many moms start reporting aches and pains all over their body. Your muscles and joints also begin to loosen up (hello, wobbly knees!) as your body prepares for the miracle of giving birth.



If you work, you'll soon be on prenatal leave, if not already. Be sure to take advantage and enjoy the change of pace! Rest as much as you can and gently begin to prepare for the arrival of your baby. This is a great time to pay particular attention to what you eat. Daily servings of fruits and veggies will give you the Vitamin C you need to protect your cells and veins. This same vitamin also improves iron absorption, which will help you avoid anemia. Anemia is a condition where your body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your system. A mild form of it is common during pregnancy, and while it’s usually nothing to worry about, it’s best to consult your doctor if you feel extreme fatigue or are experiencing shortness of breath. 



If your work requires you to sit all day in front of a computer, or you’re always tinkering with your tablet or mobile phone, you’ve probably wondered more than once if these devices are safe for your little one’s development. Now you can breathe easy knowing that the radiation from these screens doesn’t affect your baby at all! Studies clearly show that there is no additional risk of miscarriage or any other problems during pregnancy caused by screen time. Yet another item to cross off your stress list!


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