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PLAYING: How to Rah-Rah your Support Group

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How to Rah-Rah your Support Group

The first 6 months after birth can be one of the most challenging phases in a mother’s life. Things become lighter when mothers receive positive encouragement from the people around them. You may need a “support team.” It can include anyone who is close to you: husband o partner, family, friends, and your health care provider. This time may be overwhelming but having your support team near you can help deal with the stress.

3 mins to read Aug 10, 2016

Many people in your life may want to support you during this exciting time but they do not know how best to help. Letting them know what you need (and when) can help them help you better. Have a good support system - live near your parents, if possible. Get a good yaya and helpers who are reliable and can be trained.

Here are some tips to help rally your support team. And because every support team is unique, feel free to come up with some special ideas of your own.  Connect with people who are positive and easy to get along with.

  1. Learn together: Encourage your support team to get to know baby, his quirks and his development. Learn about your child’s milestones together. The more they know, the more you can discuss and learn together.
  2. Talk to each other: Communication is key. Talk about how you’re feeling, and let the people around you know how they can help out. Opening up to your support team helps ease the daily stresses during this stage.
  3. Support each other: Kindness, patience, and encouragement will go a long way, no matter who is on your support team. Remember --- support each other and back each other up when talking about the difficulties you face.  Support can also mean helping you stay healthy. Your husband or partner can help you eat right and rest well. This helps in your daily life with baby
  4. Get help with chores: Don’t be afraid to ask your husband or partner or even the people on your support team to help out with household chores, run errands, or prepare healthy meals.  If possible, having a house help will also be of great assistance at this time as well.
  5. Ask for assistance in baby chores from your husband or partner: Aside from playing, child care chores like bathing the baby and putting your child to sleep can be a calm and relaxing time for your young family to just be together and bond.


Co-written with Reina Borlaza, RND.


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