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How to Practice Self-care at Home

The pandemic may have reduced our options on how to practice self-care as breastfeeding mommas but with a little creativity and some willpower, we can make me-time at home possible!

5 mins to read Sep 13, 2021

The pandemic may have reduced our options on how to practice self-care as breastfeeding mommas but with a little creativity and some willpower, we can make me-time at home possible!

Miss mo na ba ang ibang activities that you used to do prior to the pandemic? We have rounded up ways on how to mirror the experience at the comfort of home while adding some alternatives that you can easily engage in. So, time out muna from whatever’s keeping you busy and spend a few minutes to #MommaLoveYourself by following these suggestions:

Yearning for those friend meet ups? Do it online on weekends.

Physical distancing is necessary nowadays pero hindi ibig sabihin that you need to be socially distant from your friends. Schedule an online meet up with your soul sisters pag nap time ni baby and ask hubby to cover for you in case magising. Enjoy a silly game and a good laugh with them to take your mind off your stressors, even for just a few minutes. Laughter may help boost your immune system by producing antibodies and T-cells, a type of white blood cells that seek out and destroy specific pathogens in your body.

Hindi naman kailangang super organized ang inyong mini reunion. Even a simple “kamustahan” about your breastfeeding journey can do wonders for you as you realize that there are those who are going through the same things as you are. Knowing that you have each other through life’s ups and downs is also reassuring and can definitely make you feel loved.

Miss working out? Use the stairs and do some stretches instead.

For some of you who used to hit the gym or do outdoor physical activities, keeping yourself fit should not end with the lockdown. If you have stairs at home, then consider yourself having a step-up equipment which will help condition your general lower body. Tuluy-tuloy ang office work at kina-kareer ang pag-breastfeed kay baby? Be sure to take some breaks and do some stretches. A mat, a carpet or your bedroom floor is enough for this. Sit with your legs stretched forward and together and reach for your toes. Sustain it for a few seconds and repeat several times. Try to do this regularly and feel your tight muscles relax while helping prevent back pains and improve your posture. Para sa mga breastfeeding mommas like you, helpful din ito because we know your hips hurt after some breastfeeding session with baby whether lying down or while carrying her.

Can’t go out to breathe some fresh air? Start your own Home Garden.

These days, a lot of people are turning into “plantitas”. Why not see for yourself if you have the green thumb? Ang pag-aalaga ng plants can also help you para mas maalagaan si baby. How? By engaging in this relaxing activity, you produce happy chemicals called oxytocins that promote well-being. When your cup is full, mas kaya mong i-share ang sarili sa iba.

You don’t need to spend a lot on variegated fiddle, monstera or congo plant. Kahit ordinary, low-maintenance plants tulad ng aloe vera, snake plant, or spider plant can bring benefits to your home. Aside from absorbing toxins such as benzenes from your cleaning products, plants produce oxygen, can filter noise and help relax your eyes.

Can’t Go to the Mall? Have your Retail Therapy online!

If seeing yourself in your pajamas everyday does not make you feel pretty and motivated, getting a pair of comfy yet chic clothes, a rejuvenating face mask, a tinted lip balm or a colorful headband can do the trick and help lift your mood. Hindi naman kailangang gumastos nang malaki, momma, as there are now more affordable options online. Seeing a more presentable version of yourself can also have an impact on your self-esteem. Remember, self-care is not just about taking care of your physical health but also about your emotional well-being. When you’re happy with how you look, you feel good about yourself. At pag mas happy ka momma, mas kaya mong magpa-happy at mag-alaga ng iba, like your baby.

Can’t Go to the Spa? There are many ways to help you relax!

Sure, visiting a spa is equated to having a luxurious massage. Pero para makuha ang the same feel-good benefits, hindi kailangang gayang-gaya sa nakasanayan. Pwede mong ma-achieve ang the same relaxing feeling by setting up your oil diffuser or lighting your favorite scented candle, applying a DIY body scrub of equal parts sugar and olive oil with a few drops of essential oil, giving yourself a mani-pedi session, or stroking your pet – yes, you read it right! Giving your pet some TLC can help alleviate anxiety, increase energy and boost your happiness quotient. If patients in hospitals benefit from doctor dogs, you too can reap a lot of good vibes from your furry friend. At pag relaxed ka, more chances of producing more milk for baby!

Longing for quiet, introspective walks? Try meditation at home.

We know how stressful being a breastfeeding momma can be while having a career. Kaya important ang quiet moments. You don’t need special equipment to practice this. There are a number of free apps that you can use that will guide you on how to meditate and achieve mindfulness. Five minutes of silence and deep breathing upon waking up is enough to help you get through your day. Deep breathing exercises have been known to help reduce stress and anxiety. Habang ginagawa ito, sabayan ng mindfulness exercises such as closing your eyes, planting your feet flat on the floor and minding specific sounds around you para tulungan ka to achieve focus and feel at peace despite your many challenges in life.

Whichever you choose among these self-care suggestions, we hope you enjoy the benefits that come with practicing these activities. Whatever you decide to do, know that NESTLÉ® MOMMALOVE® is here to support you.

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