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PLAYING: An HCP's Guide to Pregnancy for Each Trimester

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An HCP's Guide to Pregnancy for Each Trimester

Pregnant moms need to be prepared for the changes they’ll go through as their baby grows. Read this guide by Christia S. Padolina, M.D. to know more.

4 mins to read Sep 15, 2023

Para sa mga magiging mommies-to-be out, mahalaga na handa kayo sa mga pagbabago habang lumalaki ang baby. Alamin ang mga ito sa isang guide ni Dra. Christia S. Padolina, M.D.

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life. It brings joy, love, at excitement. However, it also cannot be denied that going through this wonderful journey can get a little overwhelming, lalo na't magkakaroon ng mga encounter na hindi nila kabisado. For one,  ang mga expectant mommies  ay haharap sa mga unfamiliar changes with their bodies as their baby starts to grow inside their womb. This is why it is crucial para sa mga pregnant women to be well aware about ways their growing baby is changing their bodies

First trimester  
The first trimester covers weeks 1 - 13 and is a period of major development for the woman and the fetus. Kahit wala pa masyadong sign ng baby bump, the woman’s body goes through drastic hormonal changes. During this time, the uterus begins to support the growth of the placenta at ng fetus, as the pregnant woman’s body adds to its blood supply to carry oxygen and nutrients sa lumalaking baby.

These changes may be accompanied with/by pregnancy symptoms tulad ng fatigue, morning sickness, headaches, at constipation. Kaya naman, importante sa isang expectant mom na komunsulta sa isang healthcare professional para masimulan na ang pag-aalaga sa developing fetus.

In addition, mahalaga rin na mag-umpisang uminom ng prenatal vitamins tulad ng folic acid ang mga magiging mommies during the first trimester. In fact, even before pregnancy, folic acid can already start doing its job of supporting the baby’s development. This essential nutrient plays a pivotal role in the formation of the baby’s neural tube, which is the structure that forms in the first month of life that eventually becomes the baby’s spinal cord and brain.   

Second trimester   
The second trimester, for many women, is arguably the most comfortable three months of pregnancy. Symptoms often experienced in the first trimester (tulad ng morning sickness)  will usually subside o tuluyang mawawala during this period. Expectant mommies can take this time to start planning  para sa pagdating ng ni baby.

While this period is relatively easier kumapara sa first trimester, big changes are still taking place inside the body. For instance, pregnant women might start to experience abdominal aches because of the growing uterus and the stretching of the surrounding ligaments.  

The baby’s organs will already be fully developed sa second trimester. It can also start to hear and swallow, and its small hairs will become noticeable. Later in the second trimester, pregnant women might start to feel the baby's first movements.   

Expecting mommies can already visit a healthcare professional para malaman whether their baby is a boy or girl. However, this decision is entirely their own.  

Third trimester  
The third trimester ay nagsisimula sa ika-28th week of pregnancy and will last until the expectant mommy gives birth, which may be around week 40. This period marks the home stretch, as the pregnant woman prepares herself for the delivery of her baby.    

The third trimester can also be challenging as the emotional and physical exhaustion during the first trimester comes back, which are mostly due to the increasing size and weight ng baby. As the baby continues to grow, his or her movements will become more obvious at madalas accompanied by increasing discomfort at symptoms, tulad ng shortness of breath, constant urination, and itchy skin, among others.   

Having medical check-ups and screening tests ay  mahalaga to make sure that the expectant mommy and the baby are both healthy during this time. Mahalaga ring pag-usapan with the healthcare professional ang mga issues ni mommy concerning their health at physical condition to see if there are any risks or complications during pregnancy.     

While expectant mommies can benefit from having check-ups, mahalaga rin na pumili ng tamang maternal milk  to support their babies’ development.  

Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing time in a woman’s life. Isa ito sa mga unique at special types of bonding, one can ever have with their baby. Creating, growing, and giving birth to another life is not an easy feat thus, it is encouraged na simulan ito with smart choices today that can lead to the baby’s brighter tomorrow.   

By: Christia S. Padolina, M.D.   

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