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Growth Milestones of 6 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby's growth is in overdrive right about now. So many exciting developments for such a tiny little being! Learn more about your baby's development at 6 weeks pregnant.

3 mins to read May 21, 2018


Guess what? Your baby now has real skin! And despite being tiny, all the other organs are already in place. Optic nerves are developing and the head is now well formed, though still much larger than the rest of the body.


This week, the heart and liver start to take up more room in your womb. The buds for the arms and legs appear. The spine has formed, which ends in a little tadpole-like ‘tail’ that will soon retreat as your baby’s spine straightens.


In the next couple of weeks, the ‘webbed’ hands will separate into distinct fingers and toes – those very same ones that you’ll love to nibble when your baby’s born. Talk about a busy week for fetal development!




Now 6 weeks pregnant, you are well on your way, with your baby due in around 33 weeks.


Many women have to slow down their pace at around this time. Some of the less-than-pleasant side effects of pregnancy might be rearing their heads. They include, for example, the much talked-about nausea, sleeping problems, and mood changes. One small consolation is that they’re actually good signs of a healthy pregnancy. They’re due to the hormonal changes that your body needs in order to help your baby grow.


Still, don’t push yourself too much right now! Being pregnant may not be an illness, but there is still a strain on your body – as you’ve read above, there is a LOT going on in there. Go easy on yourself and try to insert regular breaks into your daily routine.




If you are feeling quite tired, you can help prevent fatigue by making adjustments to your diet – with the consent of your doctor, of course.


Things like complex carbohydrates (foods such as bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and cereals are all excellent sources of starch) will help stabilize your energy throughout the day.


Some good food for pregnancy also include vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and wheat germ. Nuts make a great pregnancy snack because they contain magnesium, which helps your muscles relax, and vitamin B6, which aids in the proper functioning of your central nervous system.


Avoid anything that’s unpasteurized, meaning anything that hasn’t been sterilized and cleared of germs. Always check the label of juices and dairy products before drinking them. As for fruits and vegetables, make sure they’re carefully washed, with no traces of soil on them.





“Can I keep running during my pregnancy?”


If you've already been running regularly, chances are high that you can keep at it as long as you feel good while doing it. Of course, be sure to consult with your doctor before taking up – or continuing – any exercise regimen.


If your doctor gives you the go-ahead, here are some general guidelines to follow: Limit your jogging to 4 or 5 km per run. Stay tuned to your body. Stop running if: you haven’t been gaining enough weight, you develop nausea while running, or if you are showing clear signs of weakening or slowing down. In the last trimester especially, brisk walking is more advisable. ‘Easy does it’ is always a good rule when pregnant.



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