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Busog sa Sustansya with CERELAC®

A Bowl of Siksik Sustansya, Sure ka!

2 mins to read Aug 5, 2022

For first-time moms, finding the right food for Bulilit can be daunting, and understandably so. Your baby’s first foods tend to set the tone for their growth and development. They need yummy food that's specially made for their delicate tummies and packed with essential nutrients. Here’s where CERELAC® comes in, taking the guesswork out of finding the ideal solid food for your Bulilit!

Siksik Sustansya!

For over 150 years, mothers have confidently placed their trust in CERELAC®. It’s a heritage brand that has helped raise generations of children, with their wellness and health at the top of its priorities. Because of this, it has consistently made improvements to its recipe to meet Bulilit’s nutritional needs.

cerelac iron para sa energy

Recently, CERELAC® increased its iron content to help prevent iron-deficiency anemia (IDA), a condition that impacts many Filipino children. IDA may lead to long-term effects like delays in mental, motor, and social development. CERELAC® can provide around 50% of your Bulilit’s daily iron requirement. With a bowl of CERELAC®, your Bulilit has more energy, as the iron supports their respiratory and immune systems! It is also packed with Zinc, and Vitamins A, B1, and C, which supports their immunity and overall growth and development.

Carefully Selected Grains!


mom feeding baby


Aside from its rich nutrient content, CERELAC® also takes pride in its natural goodness for Bulilit! It is specially made for their delicate tummies, so it contains carefully selected ingredients. It has carefully selected grains and wheat, which undergo over a hundred quality and safety checks. It’s also made with real fruits and vegetables to help Bulilit develop their taste for other foods.

Mothers can rest assured because CERELAC® is made with higher and stricter standards to make sure that the final product is easy to digest! Its high-quality ingredients are processed to have the tastes and textures that are appropriate for babies. So, it’s not just nutritious and safe—it’s also very yummy for Bulilit! That’s why, carefully selected grains, siksik sustansya with CERELAC®, Mommy!