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How a Healthy Diet can help a Batang May Laban in Preventing Illnesses

Mommies! We know you always want to keep your kids well-fed and healthy. Just remember that some foods are better than others at providing helpful vitamins and minerals.

4 mins to read Jul 24, 2023

Mommies! We know you always want to keep your kids well-fed and healthy. Just remember that some foods are better than others at providing helpful vitamins and minerals.

Here’s a guide that will help show you some of the best types of food to give your child and help them become a Batang May Laban!

There are three areas where healthy food can give your child a stronger Laban ng Katawan: Immunity, Growth, and Energy. 



Moms always want to stop their kids from getting sick, ‘di ba?

Kids with Laban ng Katawan are great at preventing illnesses with their strong immune systems! A Batang May Laban with Laban ng Katawan always keeps their immune system in good shape so it can stop them from getting sick, but the immune system needs vitamins and minerals from food to do its job.(1)

When looking for foods that boost Immunity, make sure to look for delicious and nutritious food rich in vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, and Selenium. These are great for preventing illnesses.


Food 1

So Mommies, remember that kids with Laban ng Katawan can fight off sickness with a diet rich in these nutrients!

Supplements like Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ also contain large amounts of these vitamins and minerals, making it a great immune-boosting supplement. 



Siyempre we all want our kids to grow big and strong di ba, Mommies?

To make sure your child is getting all the nutrients they need to grow and become Batang May Laban with Laban ng Katawan, make sure they get all these kinds of food in their diet:(8,9,10)


Food 2


Laban ng Katawan also means having strong bones and teeth! Vitamin D and Calcium are perfect for the job. Along with a healthy and balanced diet, taking vitamin-rich supplements like Bonakid Pre-School® 3+ can also help support your child’s growth to build a stronger Laban ng Katawan.



Food gives children the energy they need to run, play, and even think and learn. Kids with Laban ng Katawan have plenty of energy every day: enough for school, home, and the playground.

The energy in food is measured in calories. They give energy to our muscles, brains, and hearts. For children 3 – 5 years old, boys should get 1,350 calories every day, and girls should get 1,260 calories every day.(11)

How do you know how many calories different foods have? Simple lang ‘yan! Just check the nutrition labels on packaged products. You can also find the number of calories in raw ingredients by searching on the internet.

Mommies, make sure your kids get enough calories every day! Why?

Because if a child goes a long time without getting enough calories, they will become malnourished, but if they eat much more than this amount of calories day after day, they could start to gain too much weight.

Also remember that, having Laban ng Katawan means avoiding junk foods like chips and cookies since these contain many calories and few nutrients.

Supplements can also give children more energy. Bonakid Pre-School® 3+, for example, contains whey protein which is a great source of protein that also helps kids absorb nutrients faster.  

With a healthy, nutritious diet to give a boost to your child’s Immunity, Growth and Energy, they will be well on their way to becoming kids with Laban ng Katawan! Bigyan sila ng Bonakid Pre-School® 3+, bigyan sila ng Laban ng Katawan.