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PLAYING: Baby Care: Massage for Newborn Baby

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Baby Care: Massage for Newborn Baby

Love treating yourself to a good massage? Your baby is no different! Baby massages have been known to help children sleep better and improve their overall wellbeing. They’re also a great way to strengthen the bond between you and your little one.

3 mins to read Jun 5, 2017

What massages do for baby

A soothing and calming massage for baby can do wonders for a child’s health and wellbeing. Your touch has always been important for your baby, even while you were still pregnant. You probably remember the thrill of feeling your little one kick in response to you rubbing your belly.

It’s normal, then, for your baby to continue craving your touch even after birth. This is where baby massages come in! A newborn baby massage can help stimulate babies’ developing senses and enhance awareness of their own bodies.

Not only that, baby massages set the stage for more peaceful, restful slumber. Emotionally, they can help your baby feel safe and more secure. While physically, they can help relieve a whole host of conditions such as constipation, a blocked nose, and eczema.

Above all, giving your baby a massage is a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to bond.

Some tips to get you started

The best time to give a massage for baby is in the evening right before bath time. This is so that the massage can help ease all the tension built up by a day’s worth of stimulation.

Before anything else, make sure that you’re in a relaxed mood yourself, since your little one can easily sense whatever stress you’re feeling.

When you’re ready to start, rub baby oil or moisturizing cream onto your palms. If it’s your baby’s first time to get a newborn baby massage, the first few movements might be surprising or unsettling. Slowly ease your baby’s distress away through your gentle motions and soothing voice. Always keep one hand on your baby, and use this tender moment to share loving looks and listen to the happy babbling of a satisfied and well-nurtured child.

How to go about it

Massaging the different parts of baby’s body comes with their own set of healthy benefits. Learn how to properly massage each area to get the most out of every massage.

The chest

Why: Massaging the chest improves respiration and helps your baby breathe more easily.

How: Place both your hands on your baby’s chest. Glide them away from the center towards the armpits. Move them down along the sides, and then up and across towards the chest. Repeat.

The stomach

Why: Massaging the stomach can help relieve any minor digestion problems such as constipation and colic.

How: Lay your hand flat against your baby’s stomach, and gently make large clockwise circles. Keep your hand light – make sure not to press down. If your baby is suffering from colic, massage the stomach from top to bottom, alternating from one hand to the other in a sweeping motion. Finish the massage by laying the palm of your hand flat against your baby’s stomach.


Why: Massaging the legs will help your baby feel relaxed as they are often tucked up or moving about.

How: Start the massage by moving up the inside of your baby’s legs. Counter it by moving down on the outside. Repeat this action several times. Make circular motions around the legs, going all the way down to the bottom of those teeny-tiny feet.

The feet

Why: Massaging the feet will help relax your baby.

How: Gently rub those cute little toes one by one, including the spaces between them. Using your thumbs, stroke the bottoms of the feet several times, then massage from the heels to the base of the toes.