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PLAYING: Baby Care: Massage for Newborn Baby

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Baby Care: Massage for Newborn Baby

Love indulging in a good massage? Your baby deserves the same treat! Baby massages are renowned for promoting better sleep and enhancing overall well-being in children. They're also an excellent way to strengthen the bond between you and your little one.

3 mins to read Jun 5, 2017

What Baby Massages Can Do

A gentle and soothing massage for your baby can work wonders for their health and happiness. Your touch has always been crucial for your baby, even during pregnancy. You might recall the joy of feeling your baby kick in response to your belly rubs.

It's natural for your baby to continue craving your touch after birth. This is where baby massages play a vital role! Massages for newborns can stimulate their developing senses and increase awareness of their bodies. Moreover, they pave the way for peaceful, restful sleep — This bedtime routine can be especially helpful for aiding sleep, particularly during stages when they fight it. Emotionally, massages can provide your baby with a sense of security, while physically, they can alleviate various discomforts such as constipation, nasal congestion, and eczema. Above all, giving your baby a massage is a precious opportunity for bonding.


Some tips to get you started

The ideal time for a baby massage is in the evening, just before bath time, to release the tension accumulated throughout the day. Before you begin, ensure you're in a relaxed state since your baby can pick up on any stress you're experiencing.

To start, apply baby oil or moisturizing cream to your palms. If it's your baby's first massage, expect some initial surprise or unease. Comfort your baby with gentle motions and a soothing voice. Always keep one hand on your baby, and cherish this tender moment of connection.


How to Massage Each Body Part
Massaging different parts of your baby's body offers unique benefits:

  1. The Chest:

Why: Enhances respiration and facilitates easier breathing.

How: Place both hands on your baby's chest, gliding them from the center toward the armpits, then down the sides, and back up across the chest. Repeat.

  1. The Stomach:

Why: Relieves minor digestion issues like constipation and colic.

How: Gently make large clockwise circles on your baby's stomach, applying light pressure. For colic, massage from top to bottom in a sweeping motion, alternating hands. Finish by laying your hand flat on the stomach.

  1. The Legs:

Why: Promotes relaxation, especially for active or restless babies.

How: Stroke up the inside of the legs and down the outside in a rhythmic motion. Make circular motions around the legs, extending down to the feet.

  1. The Feet:

Why: Aids relaxation.

How: Rub each toe individually and massage the bottom of the feet with your thumbs, stroking from heels to toes.