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PLAYING: Why Every Mom is a #1 Mom: NIDO’s New Campaign Celebrates Moms For Who They Are

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Why Every Mom is a #1 Mom: NIDO’s New Campaign Celebrates Moms For Who They Are

Pheona Ilagan, Writer from The Asian Parent

2 mins to read May 4, 2023

Motherhood is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging, overwhelming, and filled with self-doubt. Many moms feel they need to do more or do it right, especially when they compare themselves to others or societal standards. However, a new campaign by NIDO, a brand known for its milk-based nutrition products for children, challenges this narrative and celebrates every mom for who she is.

Iconic 'You're My #1' Song Gets a Heartwarming Twist: Child Sings to Mom in New Rendition

The "You're My #1" song is truly iconic and resonated with generations of mothers and children. From the tender lyrics to the sweet melody, it's a song that captures the essence of a mother's love for her toddler. For decades, this song has been a beloved classic, with mothers singing it to their children to express their unwavering love and affection.

The original version featured a mom singing to her toddler, expressing her love and commitment to him or her. However, in the new version, the toddler sings to the mom, acknowledging her sacrifices, hard work, and unique qualities that make her an exceptional mom. Check it here, Moms:


This shift in point of view is significant because it validates and honors mothers for their tireless efforts, unconditional love, and individual strengths. It reminds moms that they are seen, heard, and appreciated by their toddler and that their imperfections and challenges don't diminish their value as a mom.

#1 Ally: How NIDO Stands for Mom's Love

Nido is a brand that's all about a mother’s love. It is unconditional, selfless, and boundless. It is a love that transcends all boundaries and goes beyond words. It is a love that is felt in the heart, in every hug, every kiss, every meal prepared, and every cup of milk poured.

NIDO recognizes this and strives to reflect this same love and care in its products. The brand understands the importance of providing children with the best start in life and the mothers' role in making that happen. Therefore, it is committed to providing mothers with high-quality, nutritious milk that nourishes, comforts, and satisfies their children.

NIDO has become synonymous with Mother's Day and for a good reason. They have consistently come up with creative and heartwarming campaigns that celebrate mothers' selflessness, strength, and resilience. Their campaigns often revolve around the theme of "Mom's Love," highlighting the world's purest and most powerful force. It is a sentiment that resonates with people worldwide, and that's why NIDO's campaigns have struck a chord with millions of people.

Every Mom is a #1 Mom

Being a mom is not an easy task. It involves countless sleepless nights, never-ending responsibilities, and unconditional love. It is easy for moms to doubt themselves, to question if they are doing enough, if they are providing enough, if they are enough. But NIDO believes that moms are more than enough. They are superheroes, and their love is the fuel that keeps their families going.

NIDO's campaign is not just a Mother’s Day campaign; it is a celebration of the strength and resilience of mothers. It is a heartfelt message that says, "Thank you, mom, for everything you do." It is a reminder that a mother's love is the world's purest and most powerful force.

The heart of NIDO's campaign is that every mom is a #1 mom in her toddler’s eyes. It reminds us that moms are superheroes who tirelessly work to improve their children's lives. The campaign encourages moms to embrace their imperfections and see themselves as the loving, caring, and inspiring figures they truly are through their toddler’s eyes.

Spreading Love with NIDO and Positivity through Music

NIDO's campaign is an innovative and meaningful celebration of Mother's Day. By using music to express the deep connection between moms and their toddlers, NIDO spreads positivity and love to moms everywhere. They encourage everyone to take a moment to appreciate their mom's hard work and dedication and thank them for everything they do.

This emphasizes moms' positive impact on their children's lives and encourages them to see themselves in a more positive and empowering light. Let’s join NIDO, the #1Ally of #1Moms celebrating Mother's Day and share your favorite moment with your toddler!

This article was originally published on theAsianparent.