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PLAYING: How to Help Your Kid Speak Fluently in English, Filipino, and More

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How to Help Your Kid Speak Fluently in English, Filipino, and More

Nurture your kid's gifted brain by encouraging multilingualism. 

4 mins to read Nov 23, 2023

Fluency in multiple languages is critical for success today. Being multilingual will not only open more opportunities but can also contribute to your kid's cognitive and social development, ultimately leading to success later in life.  

Encouraging your kid to learn multiple languages can enhance their problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, memory, and attention span. Learning a new language at an early age can aid in brain development for preschoolers and strengthen the neural connections responsible for language and cognitive functions.1  

Because of these brain benefits, multilingualism offers preschoolers an advantage in academics, as multilingual kids also tend to excel in reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and mathematics.2 

So, how can you help your kid speak fluently in English, Filipino, and more? Consider these strategies and brain-boosting activities for preschoolers. 


One person, one language strategy 

Speak to your kid in a target language you're fluent in. Ask your partner to talk to your kid in another target language.  

You can also ask other family members and friends for help. For example, your parents could talk to your kid in Filipino while another relative could speak Mandarin. Some households ask the house help to talk to the kid using their native tongue, like Cebuano or Chavacano. The latter could even pave the way for your kid to learn Spanish later.  

Consider hiring a language tutor to assist your kid in learning a new language. You can even sit in the same class with your kid, so you have something new to learn together.  


Use music or TV shows 

One way to help your kid learn a new language is through nursery rhymes or TV shows. You can play the music or show during idle times, such as car rides or waiting in line. Popular shows for preschoolers are typically dubbed in various languages. 


Schedule play dates 

All work and no play is not the best strategy for teaching kids anything. Consider arranging playdates with other kids who speak your target language. This approach not only enhances your kid's language abilities but also fosters social skills that are essential for their overall growth and development. 


Time and place strategy 

Assign a specific language to a particular day of the week, such as Spanish on Sundays. Alternatively, you can assign a language to a particular activity, like French during bathtimes or English before bedtime. This strategy can help improve your kid's language skills in a structured and consistent way.  

If a parent is multilingual, they can speak one language in the morning and another in the afternoon. You can also dedicate longer periods to each language, switching every other day or week. This will give your kid enough time to adjust to the language switch. 


Nurture your kid's gifted brain with PROMIL Gold®  

Proper nutrition is crucial in making the strategies above more effective. With a balanced diet and the right brain-boosting milk, you can support the development of your kid's cognitive abilities, which include language, memory, and information processing speed. Moreover, a well-nourished brain helps build social skills in preschoolers, which is crucial for language development.  

Consider giving your gifted kid PROMIL Gold®, a growing-up milk that is formulated to boost brain development with the clinically proven Nutrigift advance ™. The blend includes Alpha-Lipids that support a crucial process in the brain called myelination, which supports brain and language development. In an MRI study on infants, PROMIL Gold® has been proven to increase myelination by up to 36%.3 

Alpha-Lipids also contain the major phospholipid Sphingomyelin, a vital component in myelination. PROMIL Gold® has three times more sphingomyelin levels compared to other growing-up milk brands.  

PROMIL Gold® also contains DHA and AA, which are crucial for brain development; Vitamin B12, which ensures efficient transmission of messages in the brain; Folic Acid, and Iron.  

With PROMIL Gold®, you can raise a gifted kid by nurturing a gifted brain. 





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