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PLAYING: Amazing Achievements at 19 Weeks Pregnant

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Amazing Achievements at 19 Weeks Pregnant

The cute little lodger inside your womb is about 335 g heavy now-just about the weight of a grapefruit or suha! Learn more about your baby's development at 19 weeks pregnant.

3 mins to read May 21, 2018



The ball of life inside you is becoming more and more active as the weeks pass by! However, your baby still spends a lot of time sleeping—up to 20 hours per day to be specific. The two of you don’t necessarily have the same sleeping pattern though. So expect a wake up call in the middle of the night as your little one moves around restlessly.


You baby hasn’t grown that big yet, so there’s still a lot of room for the arms and legs to move around. In order to change position, your baby will have to push against the wall of your uterus using both feet. Hold on tight for you might be getting soft kicks, pedals and turns this week!


This is a great opportunity to let the little one inside you know that you’re there. When your baby is being active, you may find that talking and caressing your belly has a calming effect. And when you see an “alien” bump on your belly, don’t forget to say hello as you gently pat the bump!




If you haven’t decided yet, then it’s time for you to discuss with your gynaecologist as to how and where you want to give birth to your child. If you’re thinking of doing it in a hospital, your doctor can recommend a few good ones. This can help you arrive to a decision easier!




You may be wondering, which is better, meat or fish?


The short answer is either. Just remember that the rule of thumb is to maintain a well-varied, balanced diet.


If you need to control your weight, choose lean meats such as skinless chicken or steak for lean cuts of read meat. You can also go for fish if you feel like it, even the fatty ones! Those fats are essential to the development of baby’s brain. Just make sure to pick those with low levels of mercury. Small fishes such as sardines carry less mercury than large fishes such as salmon or tuna.


Take note also that a total of about 120 to 150 g per day is already enough animal protein to meet your nutritional needs!




Hooray mommy! You’re now 19 weeks pregnant, which means you’re already at the midpoint of this wonderful journey! Give yourself a pat on the back.


This doesn’t stop the unanswered questions coming in your mind though! After all, what you want is what’s best for you and your baby.


That is why it’s worth going to antenatal classes. Knowing what is going on takes away a lot of uncertainties. This can help you prepare for labor, giving birth, and early parenthood. Talking to experienced moms and other mommies-to-be can also be particularly helpful!


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